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    Founded in 2011, GO Further Foundation (GOFF) serves to provide assistance and help to military families. All too often, adversity and hardships surround the acts of service of our brave men and women. In too many cases, stressors associated with the honorable service of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, and significant others can become a heavy burden to bear alone. That’s why GO Further Foundation helps ease the stress of serving through various programs that provide support and assistance during and after duty. Volunteers who work with GO Further Foundation make a difference by:

    • Making monetary donations to military families and veterans that need assistance
    • Providing support to veterans facing personal hardships
    • Delivering Christmas and holiday gifts to military families
    • Supporting local charities that provide youth services to military children
    • Helping local veteran homeless services with time and funding

    To get involved today, contact us at